Bio & History


Lowbrow is a mid paced death metal band from Florida formed in 1998. The current lineup is Rich Hornberger … vocals, Allen West (Six Feet Under & Obiturary) … guitar, Ben Meyer (Nasty Savage, Acheron and Gardy-Loo!) … guitar, Curt Beeson (Fester and Nasty Savage) … (drummer) and Richard Bateman (Agent Steel, Nasty Savage and Gardy-Loo!) … bass. Lowbrow played several shows in the Tampa area and was the opening act for Slayer and Fear Factory. After signing with Crook’d Records in Feb. 1999, Lowbrow entered Morrisound studios to record “Victims at Play”. Lowbrow enlisted the help of Donald Tardy (Obituary drummer and now the drummer for Andrew W K) as producer & Mark Prator as the engineer, who helped cultivate a brutal sound for the band. The CD was completed on April 20, 1999 … the same day of the Columbine school shooting. It was distributed through Pavement in the USA. Finally in 2000 “Victims At Play” was released in Europe on vinyl and CD by Hammerheart Records featuring new Cover Art by Joey Maloney. “Victims at Play” has sold over 12,000 copies worldwide. May of 2001 sent Lowbrow back to Morrisound to record the bands second release titled “Sex, Violence, Death.” This CD makes you just want to get up and mosh your head off with heavy rhythms and just an overall brutal sound! The second album for this Florida band is a caustic and cogent blend of thrash, grind and death that doesn't forget the low guttural groove quotient that makes the cream of this genre crushingly heavy. “Death metal is certainly on the menu”. Lowbrow Touring In September 2002, check back here at to find out more.